Read what people have to say about working with Mike:


Kyle (Washington)

I started working with Mike 2.5 years ago with his personalized online programming. To say that it has changed my physical practice has been an understatement. Mike is extremely supportive and attentive to any changes I need in my program and always available for video coaching and guidance. I have learned to push past boundaries and at 40 years old have never felt stronger!

The real magic was when Mike and I started working together with his Holistic Wellness Program. I was struggling with some relationship issues and Mike helped me look at my blind spots and offered suggestions to help work on them that were manageable for me. As a lifelong athlete it wasn’t easy for me to ask for assistance with my “emotions” but Mike was very supportive and was able to coach me in a way that I could relate to. If you feel like you’re operating at a level below what you could and want to feel the best way possible, I highly suggest getting Mike in your corner! He is the best coach I have ever had!


Julia (Denver)

Mike has helped me clear up a lot of my “I don’t knows” I didn’t even know I had. He knows the questions to ask and has been incredibly insightful on the areas I need to work on. There were a lot of blockages when it came to my business and my branding, and Mike was able to pinpoint my insecurities and fears with it. He helped me create clear goals for it, and then held me accountable in implementing them. It can be a lot to acknowledge and hear what needs to be worked on, but he is able to deliver his advice in such a way that pushed me out of my comfort zone, while still being supportive. I’m really excited to use everything I learned and continuously keep growing from this program. He’s been an incredible support I didn’t know I needed.

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Kayla (Ohio)

Mike has the ability to inspire personal growth and achievement in every sense of the word. It’s one thing to have fitness/weight goals, but having a one-on-one with him to discuss fears, and obstacles (in my case crippling self doubt) and concrete ways to begin to overcome them is entirely unique to his program. I felt heard, supported and understood within minutes of our first session; this positive mindset transitioned directly into the physical half of our session as well. He has an unbelievable gift to know when to push you to your limit and when to compromise to protect your mental and physical well-being. I cannot recommend Mike enough and look forward to continuing this new found path of confidence and self love he so easily influences.


Albert (Milan, Italy)

Mike is an amazing teacher with a good heart. He has a very peculiar and effective training method: I am improving and learning constantly in an efficient way as Mike adjusts the level of practice from weeks to weeks according to my goals and body needs. We have been working on brutal strength, flexibility and balance with amazing results. What I also really like is that, at the end of each single training session, I have a deeper perception of my body.
Mike, as an online coach, makes me feel like if he was right by my side. He is super attentive, corrects me on every single little movement and supports me as a brother.

Thank you Mike, for helping me explore and push my limits, and for guiding me towards balance within movement! Thank you brother!


Cheryl (New York/ LA)

I have been working with Mike in 5 different cities and an online MAST program with videos and feedback to fill in the time gaps between meet ups. The physical and mental benefits and changes in my life and body have been transformative – just ask my family.

Mike is not just a trainer saying – ten more reps please. A workout with Mike is never the same twice. Lots of variety. He has trained himself in multiple disciplines from sports to weight training to yoga and functional movement. He has a very special skill in being able to understand the physical goals a client is trying to reach; how to build their strength and abilities to perform those moves while giving them performance “wins” along the way that continue to motivate and inspire them. He never told me I didn’t have the strength to do something but got me really excited about the next step I COULD do and added a challenge to carry me to the next level. It’s only now years later that I can really appreciate the skill with which he did that. His patience is exceptional and it always meant a lot to me when I’d reach a new plateau and win a smile for working hard. This is all to say that I have been on a 5 year roll constantly building momentum and working hard because Mike has made sure that I understand the types of strength I need to build to reach the next level.

I came to Mike as a grandmother with one grandchild and within 5 years there are now 7 grandchildren. Some of my goals were to be able to lift a 45 pound grandchild and superman fly him in the air; another to swing them like kettle bells; to be able to get up off the floor without using my hands if I was carrying a toddler and lastly since I never went to camp, to learn how to throw and catch a ball. Mike introduced me to the world of functional movement that is so much fun and I can now do all those things and more.

A few years ago I decided to turn a love of sailing into racing competitively. Training with Mike and working on core, focus and strength has led to better balance on the boat and a greater ability to handle the rope lines in heavy winds and how to stay “in the game” until the end of a series of races. He has made things possible I never knew I could do.

Mike has taught me how to focus; how to stay focused for longer periods of time and use that focus throughout my daily life. It has enabled me to hike to Machu Picchu in Peru; climb to the Tigers Nest Monastery in Bhutan at an elevation of 10,000 feet and bike around Scandinavia, to do crow pose and headstands. Physical training has helped to relieve the stress and tension of my mom dying and a chaotic shift in my life which suddenly had me no longer grounded to a place but traveling 40 % of the time and living in 4 cities.

The mental benefits of working with Mike have continued to expand. Mike doesn’t just build muscles. He builds the whole person. He wanted me to understand that fear could be conquered and how to overcome fears - fear of being upside down, fear of holding my own body weight without falling. I can now go upside down for longer and longer periods of time – and love it and want more and more.

Another mental benefit of knowing Mike and MAST training, is joining Mike in his journey to make the world a better place. Mike is especially generous in being willing to put himself and his thoughts out there. But rather than paraphrase Mike, I urge you to read his inspirational posts and guiding thoughts, particularly on holistic wellness. Mike has become more than a trainer to me - he is a life coach as well. He challenges me and all who follow him to test ourselves personally, reconnect with nature and actually pay attention to our decision making process. I want my 5 grandsons to grow up in Mike’s world. I feel very privileged to be able to learn from him as he tries to make this world a better place for all people but especially boys and men – teaching them how to be in touch with themselves.

I’m excited about this journey – can I do a handstand and hold it for a minute before I turn 70 in 3 years? If anyone can get me there – Mike can.

Maani (London, UK)

I have been incredibly blessed to have been able to spend the last 15 years exercising through a mix of weight training, martial arts and general fitness work, coached by an array of some of the best trainers in the world.

A few years back I ruptured a disc in my (L5) spine which cut off the sciatic nerves in both of my legs, and left me unable walk. A number of months later, two epidurals and one discectomy I was back but had to start my training from scratch.

With a new attitude to "workouts" and renewed focus on "health" and fitness I spent a few years finding, trying and experimenting with "movement" experts and coaches from all over the world. It was only until I moved to NYC, that I managed to hunt Mike down, and after a few email exchanges discussing what I was after, I began my movement journey with him as my coach.

Mike has been one of the most incredible additions into my fitness life - His workouts are utterly different from what I had been focusing on for the past 15 years and I’d go as far as to say he has essentially been "re-wiring" the way I think about movement.

Underpinned by what is a deep, broad level of knowledge, supported by an incredibly calming (and in many cases patient) attitude to helping people grow in the world of movement Mike has been simply awesome to work with.

I can genuinely say that since I have been working with him, I have not only been pain free but have been using techniques, positions, and movements that I'd never worked with before.

Mike is the best of the best, take my word for it - and if you have any issues with my words, take 2 mins out and watch him do his "thing"... it borders on super human.

Madelyn (Colorado, USA)

I've struggled with a sprained ankle injury and a weak core for much of my life and have tried everything from PT to yoga to foundation training but none of those worked for me. I always felt like I was compensating and I was never inspired to do my routines, and I've never liked being in gyms.

I wanted to recover from my injuries while feeling inspired and full of joy through exercise; I wanted to play outside.

I found exactly what I was looking for when I started working with Mike. We met at the park each day and he would lead me through a series of exercise that I could feel were helping me immediately, and I was having fun! He incorporated acroyoga and handstands into the mix to help me feel what was possible and regain the joy I was looking for.

Mike has an incredible skill set and a way of seeing exactly what my body needs to balance and strengthen as a whole system. His ability to demonstrate and articulate the methods he teaches makes him a wonderful coach. But the best part about working with Mike is his joy, humor and steadfast belief in my capacity to go beyond my comfort zone. He creates a safe and fun space to play with movement. Being able to work with Mike in person I was able to get direct feedback and make immediate adjustments to make sure I was getting the most out of each exercise. I've already seen incredible results and progress in the few weeks I've worked with him with minimal effort on my part. I've started running again and am pain free. I can't wait to see how I feel as I continue to invest more in my body, my joy and my freedom of movement with his guidance.

My handstands are off the hook already!

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Alex (New York City)

There’s no better way to describe Mike Aidala’s programming other than Ninja Training. Not only are you learning skills to move in ways you never thought possible, but also you’ll develop patience and understanding for your own body… ninja in more ways than one.

Mike’s programming is simple to follow and within the first few days I was already seeing results.

As a coach, Mike is ALWAYS there for his clients. He responds in a timely manner, checks in when necessary, and takes the extra effort to explain and ask questions when you need it most.

Working with Mike has changed my understanding and awareness of my own body and it’s capabilities.You will not be disappointed.


Brad (New York City)

Training with Mike has greatly accelerated my progress in handstand and hand balancing techniques.

Often he will suggest a skill that I didn't think was possible and under his guidance I will discover that I am more capable than I give myself credit for.

Mikes training goes beyond coaching into shifting my perception of how to approach my practice to achieve the best possible results.


Blair (Santa Monica, CA)

Mike is an excellent trainer and athlete. I've never worked with a coach who was able to break down movements so well and refine the pieces required to execute skills.

Starting with a strong foundation, Mike helped me to understand the areas I need to strengthen in order to press handstand. He is very patient and great at explaining movements in a way that made sense to me.

Additionally, Mike helped break down the mechanics of running and sprinting which was a huge breakthrough during my acl recovery. Mike's passion for movement, strength and training shows through in his work.

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Aristotle (New York City)

Prior to meeting Mike, focus was something my training had been severely lacking. I was trying to do everything but wasn't progressing in anything.

Seeing Mike's incredible ability in a variety of fitness disciplines made me believe he'd be the perfect coach for me and he was.

The first and most important lesson Mike taught me was to focus on one aspect at a time. Rather than trying to learn multiple skills at once, master one before moving onto another.

Not only did Mike help me implement this new philosophy, he also helped me to realize that the devil really is in the details.

I started on a Ninja Training (gymnastics) program and after just the first week of focused training, I noticed a significant difference in my strength and skill.

As I became more comfortable with the movements, Mike continually made minor adjustments that translated into major improvements.

I am grateful for Mike's tutelage and the lessons he's helped me implement into my training and other areas of my life.


Sarah (Colorado)

When I reached out to train with Mike I was at a low point physically and mentally. I knew I needed guidance, and I got that and so much more.

What makes training with Mike unique is that every session is different. I am constantly challenged in new ways, and excited to work out. He pays close attention to my form and helps me make small adjustments that make the biggest difference. Best of all, he genuinely cares about my progress and gives me honest feedback. In turn I have seen a major change in my body, and FAST! My strength, flexibility, and endurance have all changed dramatically in such a short time. I’m doing things I thought were impossible, and he is right there cheering me on through the whole process.

The physical results have been amazing, but the mental benefits I’ve received from working with Mike have been the biggest gift. Every time I lift a weight heavier than I ever thought I could, or do an arm balance I thought was impossible my confidence sky rockets. That, to me, is priceless.