127 Fit Podcast

“Mike Aidala is one of the most beautiful souls you will ever meet. Mike and I have an amazing conversation that definitely went DEEP. Mike has done the inner work within himself and has a wealth of life experiences that he is so very transparent in sharing. This conversation for me personally, was one of the most stimulating human interactions that I have ever had. Mike is so real, so open, and so vulnerable, it is absolutely REFRESHING! You will thoroughly enjoy this episode”


Wanderlust 35 Under 35 in Wellness

Intrepid teachers continue to push the boundaries of what wellness means, and how to make it more accessible. Here’s our list of thought-leaders to watch.


Refined Collective Podcast

I’ve been so excited to chat with Mike Aidala. Our schedules finally aligned and we got to chat about physical fitness, toxic masculinity, transformation, and fostering healthy dialogue. I’m so challenged by all of his words. What if life wasn’t as hard as we made it out to be?


Fellow Gent Conversation

Meet Michael Aidala



Flex 50: The Fittest Men of 2016

What is the Flex 50?

The Flex 50 is not just the fittest men of 2016. The Flex 50 is that — but it's also much more.

The Flex 50 is a collection of the most influential and dynamic experts and leaders in the worlds of fitness, sport and general badassery, selected by the fitness-focused AskMen editors.

The Flex 50 features the athletes, fighters, trainers, climbers, adventurers, and all-around fitness freaks who flexed their muscles in 2016.

The Flex 50 is not a ranked list. There are many roads to a fit and healthy lifestyle and we recognize that no single path is better than another.

The Flex 50 is a celebration of men who redefine what fitness means. These men inspire us to seek out our limits — then throw them out the window. They train not just for championships, gold medals or the thrill of winning. These men train for life.

This is the Flex 50.

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MAST Method is on the cover of Mover Magazine


Most Impressively Fit Instagrammers of 2016

11. Mike Aidala

This online trainer will absolutely school you in all things strength, flexibility, and mobility. Aidala’s Instagram is a mashup of killer bodyweight stunts and AcroYoga.


The Boys of Yoga

Mike Aidala