Strength Training for Life

Mike Aidala’s Strength Training, MAST Method, is a multi-faceted lifestyle program. It started off as a one on one personal training program working with clients to gain physical strength, flexibility, speed etc. but it has evolved over the years into a much deeper coaching experience. Mike's various programs are for individuals who want to establish an enhanced, more familiar relationship with their body and mind. Using a range of modalities, Mike creates personalized programs to build stability, flexibility and strength for efficient, effective life control. You will learn to pay attention as you move through the world, cultivating an awareness that will lead to a healthy and happy life!




Mike Aidala is a pioneer of focused holistic movement training. His signature MAST Method offers a unique model for physical training that builds stability, flexibility, confidence and strength. The approach promotes mental focus with physical exercises that employ a range of modalities.

From collegiate football to Olympic weightlifting, competitive stand-up paddleboarding, yoga, partner acrobatics, Mike has spent his life seeking a state of awareness through movement. Connected to the flow of an experience, Mike recognized the way heightened responsiveness creates a more vibrant state of aliveness and magnifies what we can achieve. 

Mike knows a maximum level of exertion can go hand in hand with both resilience and playfulness. He motivates clients through techniques and positions that emphasize form and the power of being in the moment. Skilled at assisting his clients who are recovering from injuries and removing the roadblocks that hold them back, Mike’s clients go home feeling strong, elastic, controlled and more capable than ever. Dedicated clients of MAST know it’s not about the handstands or flips, but finding inner knowledge that allows deeper connections to the mental, occupational, environmental, spiritual and emotional aspects of our lives. Mike uses his sessions and reach to share that addictive feeling that only comes from living life to the fullest.   

Mike is grateful to have the opportunity to help guide you on your own personal path towards your goals!

Mike also manages his social media presence @Mike.Aidala to help portray this message to the world through pictures and videos. 



- NFPT Certified Personal Trainer

- FRC Mobility Specialist 

- CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach

- USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports  Performance Coach

- 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training- RYT

- CPR/AED First Aid Certified 


Instagram - @Mike.Aidala